<aside> 💡 Here’s a repository of notes on the intersection between web3 and genuine climate impact. I (Alex Filotimo) am maintaining this as I work in web3 for climate, research the space, and learn from the broader Aera Force investment community.

Topic Breakdowns

Web3 Plastic Markets — Sub-Industry Insights

Decentralized Science

Public Goods [web3 & climate investments]

Nature-Backed Currencies [NBCs] — Research Working Doc

Financing Ecosystem Services & Nature-Based Solutions [MRV]

A skeptics view on web3 greenwashing — Bram Büscher Article Summary

Challenges and previously failed blockchain startups

Applications for Biodiversity

Features/mechanisms of web3 (that enable climate solutions)

Tokenomics Advice & Governance Guidance

web3-native finance [funds, VC, mechanisms]

Impact Certificates / Credits

Web3-Climate Use Cases (current startups)